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The Republican Turkish Party-United Forces (CTP) was represented at the meeting of the Socialist International Mediterranean Committee which was organized in Barcelona, Spain between the dates of 25-27 October.

The CTP Secretary of Foreign Affairs Muhittin Tolga Özsağlam participated in the meeting at which the refugee problem in the Mediterranean and Europe, Syria, Western Sahara, Egypt, the Cyprus problem, the democratization in Tunisia and Israel-Palestine conflict were discussed. Following the meetings a joint declaration was published.

The following statements were made in the paragraph of the joint declaration related to Cyprus:

“We closely follow the efforts put forward to end the division of Cyprus. In this context we are interested in the importance of confidence building measures and the solution of the Cyprus problem within the framework of the United Nations resolutions.”

Evaluating the three-day meeting, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs Muhittin Tolga Özsağlam said that they tried to make a positive contribution to the regional problems.

Underlining that there is a deep disagreement among some political parties particularly on the Cyprus issue, Özsağlam said “As the CTP, we insisted to place a paragraph in the joint text regarding the importance given to finding a solution to the Cyprus issue within the framework of the United Nations resolutions and our insistence gave a result.

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