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Regarding the EastMed pipeline project agreement between the Greek Cypriot Administration, Greece and Israel.

PRODUCT OF HEGAMONIC AND EGO-CENTRIC MENTALITY East-Med gas pipeline project signed by the Greek Cypriot administration, Greece and Israel is a new example of the hostile and provocative attempt aiming to exclude Turkish Cypriot people and Turkey from the energy equation in the region. Concerning such activities, the attitude and intention rather than economic considerations [...]

Regarding Lifting of the Arms Embargo

The decision taken by the United States to lift the arms embargo, which has been imposed on the Greek Cypriot administration since 1987, so as to prevent, inter alia, negative implications on the negotiations to reach a settlement on the Cyprus problem, would certainly harm peace and stability in Cyprus as well as the Eastern [...]

All Official Statements


Minister Özersay has started his contacts in London

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay first met with representatives of the Turkish Cypriot community and Turkish Cypriot students studying in the UK within the framework of his UK contacts. During his contacts at the TRNC London Representative Office, Özersay met with the British Turkish Community Football Federation, Cyprus Turkish Community [...]

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