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Martyrs who lost their lives during Turkish Cypriot people’s struggle for existence are being commemorated with ceremonies and activities arranged within the framework of 21-25 December Struggle and Martyrs Week.
Commemorations started with lay up of the wreaths that took place at Lefkoşa Martyrs Monument, and was followed by a ceremony at Lefkoşa Atatürk Culture Center .
President Derviş Eroğlu issued a message due to 21-25 December Struggle and Martyrs Week.
In his message, Eroğlu expressed “Turkish Cypriot people passed through very difficult time before reaching today. We were attached and experienced deep sadnesses which we do not want to be repeated again. The struggle displayed by theTurkish Cypriots at the Bloody Noel on 21-25 December 1963 against Greek Cypriot attacts from all quarters of Cyprus is one of the most honourable and heroic struggles of the history”.

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