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2nd President Mehmet Ali Talat in his statement in a radio program which was transmitted in “Radyo Güven” regarding the sincerity of the Greek Cypriot Administration for a solution on the Cyprus problem he said  “I do not know, I want to believe, I want to hope for a solution, but unfortunately I cannot be sure.” Stating that his opinion is different about the Confidence Building Measures, Talat told that the confidence building measures should be one-sided, while allowing something, nothing should be expected in return and he added that this creates a more secure environment. Talat also mentioned that a solution could be reached by March 2016; otherwise it lasts until the end of the year.

Stating that the Greek side made statements related to what their own people want to hear, Talat said, “We need to look at what the Greek Cypriots are doing rather than what they say.” He also mentioned that the Turkish Cypriot society do not trust the Greek Cypriot people.Mentioning the guarantee issue, Talat said that the guarantee agreement not only concerns two sides, it also concerns Turkey, Greece and the UK, therefore the issue of withdrawal of the guarantors from the island should be discussed in the international arena. Talat also expressed that 95 percent of the Turkish Cypriots want Turkey to take part in the system of guarantees.

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