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An informed source, about the negotiations that are continuing for the reunification of Cyprus, said that “citizenship” subject has not been discussed yet and news in Greek Cypriot media are about four freedoms.

In the statement in Kıbrıs newspaper, the source told that sides agreed on the suggestion that Turkish side made about four freedoms so the balance of Turkish-Greeks in the island would not be corrupted. Emphasizing that, subject is discussed within the frame of “Four Freedoms” that guarantee free circulation of individuals, goods, funds and services inside European Union (EU), the source said that “It has been agreed on the balance of Turkish-Greek numbers in the island that, numbers of Turkish and Greek citizens that will come and settle in the island, will not change the ratio of population of the island.”

Source stated, “Population ratio in the island is now four to one but this does not mean that it is going to stay on that way. Birthrate can increase and Turkish Cypriots, who are not citizens and are living overseas can decide to come back.”

Experts are emphasizing that the mutual understanding between the 2nd. President Mehmet Ali Talat and former Greek Cypriot President Dimitris Hristofias has been reconfirmed between the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot sides and four to one population ratio was included in the Annan Plan.

(Kıbrıs newspaper)

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