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The remains of 5 martyrs Kadir Mehmet, Hasan Kerem Mehmet, Hasan Veli, Şerife Hasan Veli and Pembe Halil Veli who went missing in 1974 and whose identifications were completed as a result of the studies, were buried at the martyrdom in the Lefkoşa Cemetery with a military ceremony.

One of the martyrs’ relatives Halil Esendağlı in his speech reminded that the remains of the five martyrs who were killed and thrown into wells in Esendağ (Petrofan) village on 20 July 1974 were found as a result of the studies of the Committee on Missing Persons.

Esendağlı said that martyrs who had no other crime except for waiting for their children to come and not leave their houses, were shot in various parts of their bodies and were thrown into wells which were covered by soil.

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