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51st Anniversary of Erenköy Resistance and the resistance martyrs were remembered with a ceremony. Speaking at the ceremony President Mustafa Akıncı stated that they wanted a solution that would ensure the freedom, equality and security of the Turkish Cypriot people.

Stating that not only the leaders, but the people will decide about a solution Akıncı said: “This is a process in which the government, parliament and civil society organizations will go hand in hand together with all sections of the community.”

Reminding that half a century ago, university students left their studies and took arms in the Erenköy Resistance, President Akıncı said :“They gave up and sacrificed their own lives in the ring of fire so that the Turkish Cypriot people could live in freedom. I remember them with respect and mercy.”

Emphasizing that this sacrifice was made for the Turkish Cypriot people to attain a deserved life on this land Akıncı said: “They wrote an epic here. They resisted against a supreme power in every way. Providing to the Turkish people the life that they deserve is our debt to the martyrs.”

Referring to the negotiations, Akıncı noted that they wanted a solution that would ensure the security, equality and the freedom of the Turkish Cypriot people. Akıncı said that there is no point for a referendum yet and when that point is reached, people will decide to a solution and the sufficient time will be provided for that.

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