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According to the survey of the LS Prime Market Research and Consulting Ltd, which was made with people aged 18 and above who have the right of voting throughout South Cyprus, it was reported that the most important thing is the continuation of the so-called “Republic of Cyprus” and the focus of the concerns is security.

The Greek daily Simerini headlined the news under the title: “Dote upon the State”, claimed that 77 percent of the participants would not accept the settlement plan which terminates the “Republic of Cyprus” and asserted that the maintenance of the “Republic of Cyprus” is seen as the third most important issue of the Cyprus problem after the issue of security and ownership.

40 percent of the participants reported that they disagree with the thesis of the Greek politicians on the Cyprus issue, and 68 percent reported that they have not got any information or have very little information about the developments on the negotiation process.

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