Foreign Minister Çolak conveyed information regarding the negotiation process and expressed confidence that there is a clear expression of goodwill on both sides, adding that this constitutes a great chance to finally reach a mutually acceptable and lasting solution to the Cyprus problem on the basis of the Joint Declaration of 11 February 2014.

Çolak attended the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce Brussels Office yesterday and expressed that it was an honour to be present on the occasion. Michaela Di Bucci, head of the EU Commission Unit Task Force for the Turkish Cypriots, the permanent representatives of various countries and distinguished guests participated in the event.

Pointing to the positive atmosphere on the Island, Minister Çolak stated that the work of the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce in Brussels, as well as the Representative Office, are significant contributing factors to the positive developments between the two sides. Minister Çolak added that the Chamber of Commerce is working on bi-communal projects and various events in collaboration with its Greek Cypriot counterparts and that these are valuable contributions to the process of building confidence between the two sides.

Minister Çolak further stated that the Office in Brussels is the bridge that provides us the necessary collaboration with the financial institutions and economic system of the EU, be it transfer of funds or know-how to the Turkish Cypriot economy, which will in turn support our economic growth and contribute to the efforts for the economic convergence of the two economies. Minister Çolak also pointed to the fact that a solution would be most beneficial if both sides are prepared both before and after it, and that the Turkish Cypriot side needs to be prepared for a more sustainable economy for the aftermath of a solution.

Furthermore, Minister Çolak indicated that the Chamber of Commerce has been very persistent in its work on the rightful demand of the Turkish Cypriots to implement the Direct Trade Regulation, advocating the registration of the PDO of our national product Hellim in a way that would benefit all the producers of Cyprus, demanding to expedite the process of harmonization of our economic system with the EY, and working on broadening the scope of the Green Line Regulation to fully serve its purpose.

Minister Çolak also commended the work of the Chamber of Commerce and Representative Office in Brussels for their efforts to advocate and communicate the views and concerns of the Turkish Cypriots in many aspects as well as in mobilizing and improving the economic interactions between the EU and the Turkish Cypriot people.

Minister Çolak also thanked Mr. Fikri Toros, Chairman of the TCCC personally and every member of his team for working ambitiously to support the best interest of the Turkish Cypriot people and for all their valuable contributions to a better future for them.