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A “hero monument” is being constructed at the Konstantono and Eleni Cemetery in the Greek Cypriot side in remembrance of participants of the coup against the first and only President of the Republic of Cyprus III. Makarios and those who were killed during attacks on the Presidential Palace.

According to the Greek Cypriot newspaper Haravgi, AKEL drew attention to the fact that building a hero’s monument for the ones killed during the coup to the presidential palace is an assault to the ones who died defending the republic.

 Recalling that the tender is at completion phase of the monument AKEL called Greek Cypriot administration and the Orthodox Church to explain if they expect construction of a monument like this. And also called those who are participating in the construction of the monument to put an end to this initiative immediately.

 AKEL warned: “otherwise they will be responsible for revitalization of the division among our people. If they don’t stop the construction, they will found AKEL against them, we will use every legal possibility to stop them.”

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