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Relatives of Cypriot “missing persons” who live in the UK will award a prize to investigative journalist and author Sevgül Uludağ.

The Greek Cypriot “Komi Kebir Association (UK)” in conjunction with “The Association of the Relatives of the Missing UK” are hosting an event on 16th May at the Cypriot Community Centre, in the honor of Turkish Cypriot investigative journalist Sevgul Uludağ.

She will be accompanied by Christina Pavlou –Patsia whose father and brother are still missing and she will give a short account of her experience. The event is open to the public.

Sevgul is widely known amongst the two communities in Cyprus for her active role in assisting to locate the remains of the missing and for telling the “untold stories” of Cyprus.   She will give a presentation of her work about the most tragic aspect of Cyprus’s recent history which has affected both communities.

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