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Incidents by the Greek Cypriot students organized for the purpose of condemning the 32nd anniversary of the establishment of the TRNC in which they attacked the Turkish Cypriots in their cars and two Turkish Cypriots were injured, were given a wide coverage in the Greek Cypriot newspaper headlines.

Greek Cypriot daily newspaper Haravgi reported that the Greek Main Opposition Party AKEL Press Secretary Yorgos Lukaidis criticized that “the Ruling Party decided to send their students to the dugout of Grivas for hatred, nationalist ideology, and let them take the example of fascist action instead of emphasizing the culture of Turkish and Greek Cypriots living together in peace.”

Lukaidis gave the example of the decision for thousands of euros to be given for the erection of the EOKA B heroes’ monument at the Greek Presidential Palace and he characterized the present declarations of the Greek Ruling Party as “crocodile tears”.

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