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In his statement before travelling to İstanbul to attend the 19th Eurasian Economic Summit, President Mustafa Akıncı said: “If none of the political parties can reach the majority for winning a vote of confidence, the largest group among the groups in the Assembly will be assigned the duty to form the government.” If this is not possible, the parties will go to election”

Akıncı mentioned his contacts with the political parties after the government’s resignation. Stating that no party has the majority for winning the vote of confidence in order to establish the government, Akıncı explained that the parties have a chance to make contacts with each other for several days.

Informing that he will return to the island on Friday, Akıncı wished that a clear picture will be formed for the assignment until that day and he added that a formula will arise to establish the government.

He ended his words by expressing that when he returns from İstanbul, he will assign a party group leader or a deputy who is able to win the vote of confidence as ordered by the Constitution.

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