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President Akıncı made a speech in the panel titled “Solution in Cyprus and the Economy” which was organized by the Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation (TÜRKONFED). Akıncı stated that the two leaders are supported incomparably in the negotiation process and the Cyprus enters in a period of change.

Akıncı noted that the reached agreement will come into force if it receives approval in the referendum and added that the change is a painful process but it should be afforded.

Akıncı explained that Cyprus entered into a process of change, there were periods in the past that we were very close to peace but they always ended in disappointments.

President Akıncı noted that the belief for the continuing process pleased him and the existence of the organizations that support the process is also satisfactory.

He noted that in addition to those who are satisfied from the process there are some parties who are concerned about it. Akıncı also said that there might be misunderstandings because of the information pollution and the rumors about the agreement not being put to a public referendum is one of them. Akıncı explained that such a thing is not possible; he repeated that the agreement reached will only enter into force if it obtains approval in a referendum. Akıncı stated: “the change is a painful process but both communities need to be prepared for this change.”

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