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According to the announcement made by the President’s office, the Turkish Cypriot President Mustafa Akıncı is set to travel to Brussels today for a series of high level contacts with the EU officials. Within the framework of his Brussels visit Akıncı will come together with the President of the EU Parliament Martın Shultz alongside other high level EU officials. Akıncı will return to the Island on Friday after completing his contacts in Brussels. Akıncı will convey the messages as: “The EU should prepare Turkish Cypriots for a solution in Cyprus. The EU has great responsibilities in this process” and “It’s time for a solution in Cyprus, we should not lose any time.”  Speaking to Milliyet newspaper President Akıncı said: “The EU should contribute to the negotiation process in Cyprus however the negotiations will continue within the UN process.”
On the other hand the two Cypriot leaders have met today and according to the statement they made after their previous meeting Akıncı and Anastasiades are expected to give start to the substantive talks. Administration and Power Sharing, Property, EU Affairs, Guarantees, Territory and Map, and Economy issues will be on the table. The leaders will continue to negotiate on the ‘Anastasiades – Akıncı Convergence Papers’ prepared by the negotiators of both sides. (Milliyet Newspaper)

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