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Speaking at the opening ceremony of the judicial year of 2015-2016, President Mustafa Akıncı indicated that they have to find a fair solution to the Cyprus issue and said: “Justice is the most necessary element in every issue, and justice needs to be secured here.”

Stating that long and comprehensive speeches were made at such opening ceremonies and he participated in these ceremonies in the past, Akıncı said, “I think each opening ceremony of the judicial year became our confrontation day.  We are confronted with not only the problems in the legal world, but also with our social order and ourselves. Akıncı wished that these events and problems will not be faced in the coming years.

Akıncı continued his words as follows: “We must ensure a fair solution on the Cyprus problem. We need to provide justice here. Turkish Cypriots need to go to a referendum with a feeling that it will be a fair solution and that they would not return to pre 1974 conditions. By taking our rights into account as well as the rights of the other community, we can build a peaceful future together. This is our duty.”

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