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President Mustafa Akıncı said that they aimed for a referendum that will satisfy all sides and the public can say yes with inner peace.  Akıncı mentioned that the process is being carried  out together with the parliament, the government, the political parties and the non-governmental organizations.

In the statement which he made after the special session of the General Assembly of the Parliament on the Cyprus issue, Akıncı said that such meetings will continue increasingly. Indicating that the negotiation process is not continuing single-handed but it is being carried  out together with the parliament, the government, the political parties and the non-governmental organizations, Akıncı said that he will inform the non- governmental organizations on Tuesday.

The Speaker of the Assembly Sibel Siber also pointed out the importance of informing the public and stated that chaos may arise in the absence of information.

Siber stated that the target is to provide a future to the Turkish Cypriot society which is better than today.

The Democratic Party Leader Serdar Denktaş stated that they received detailed information about the Cyprus problem. Indicating that he expressed his opinions at the meeting and they were recorded, Denktaş said: “We are not very comfortable as DP-UG”

Communal Democracy Party (TDP) deputy Hüseyin Angolemli pointed out that the public have concerns about the property issue and stated that there is no consensus between the sides on this issue yet.

Stating that the parties are in the process of determining the criteria, Angolemli said that the public should not worry.

Pointing out that a lot of progress has been reached on the issue of administration and power-sharing, Angolemli said, “80 percent agreement was reached on this issue”

Angolemli said that the progress is well and a solution should be reached in Cyprus without changing the conjuncture.

Republican Turkish Party (CTP) deputy Ferdi Sabit Soyer said that it was a useful meeting and President Akıncı provided important information to the Parliament.

Stating that the events in the region show that power relations in the Eastern Mediterranean will change, Soyer said that in this case the importance of a mutually acceptable agreement on the Cyprus problem will increase.

Soyer emphasized that he has the belief that a productive result will be obtained.

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