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President Mustafa Akıncı said that it is possible to hold a referendum in Cyprus this year. Answering the questions of the Anadolu Agency correspondent, Akıncı said “I desire a referendum this year and also “yes” votes from both sides in Cyprus. We are working for this. 2016 should be a year of solution”.

Stressing that the negotiations have been continuing in the island for about half a century, Akıncı said that they are at a solution stage due to the developments. There are some important chapters that must be solved. It is possible to establish a federal structure with goodwill and being away from dominant attitudes.

Adding that the sides are continuing under 6 main chapters to reach a solution in Cyprus, Akıncı said that these chapters are “Administration- Power Sharing, Economy, European Union, Property, Territory and Security-Guarantee” and they had made developments in the first four chapters.

Expressing that they have not discussed the chapters of “territory and security-guarantee”, Akıncı said that these chapters should be discussed at the end of the negotiations. “Turkish Cypriot people consider their security under the guarantee of Turkey. This is a reality known by everyone” Akıncı added.

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