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In his speech during the reception of Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Yıldırım Tuğrul Türkeş, President Akıncı mentioned that the strengthening of Turkey and her development in peace and democracy is important for the Turkish Cypriots.

Akıncı expressed that the assignment of a person of Cypriot origin to a position responsible for Cyprus affairs made him happy.

Emphasizing that the length of the task period is not important but the important thing is the success during this time.  Akıncı wished good luck with the nomination of Türkeş. He also emphasized the importance of peace and stability for the future of Turkey.

Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Tuğrul Türkeş said that he had made his first official visit to the TRNC and thanked President Akıncı for receiving him.

Emphasizing the importance of being a minister responsible for Cyprus, Türkeş expressed his pride and satisfaction from being a Cypriot origin person.

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