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During one of his receptions yesterday, President Akıncı said regarding the racist attack against the Turkish Cypriots “The biggest destruction has occurred in the community’s psychology. During this process in which we are spending the greatest effort to solve the Cyprus problem, such activities must not be allowed in any way”.

President Akıncı also added “It is not possible to accept this attack tolerantly. The Greek Cypriot government must take this issue seriously. School administrations and teachers must also take it seriously. Only the Greek Cypriot government showing reaction for the activity is not enough. Greek Cypriot students conducted the activity at the time when they had to be at their schools. They are considered to be ELAM members. This racist attack does not contribute to the solution process and negotiations, on the contrary, it does great harm. We have noted Anastasiades’ attitude as a positive reaction but I want to express that it is not enough. They must arrest the criminals and bring them to trial.  The necessary precautions must also be taken to not experience similar events in the future. Firstly, this issue must be taken seriously at the schools”.

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