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President Mustafa Akıncı said “The love of motherland is in our hearts”. Akıncı stated that he would make his first visit to Ankara. Speaking to Anadolu Agency correspondent regarding TRNC-Turkey relations, Akıncı said that he would follow a result-oriented policy for Cyprus problem within the framework of the Joint Statement signed on February 11, 2014 which was approved by Turkey and former President Derviş Eroğlu. Adding that UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor on Cyprus Espen Barth Eide will arrive on Cyprus on 4 May, Akıncı said that they would discuss the following process of Cyprus negotiations. Akıncı stressed that he will be an independent president and will treat all parties equally.

Stating that relations with Turkey will be based on mutual respect, Akıncı said that he wanted the Turkish Cypriots to have more right to speak on their own institutions and administrate them in a better way. I am against the bankruptcy of institutions as Cyprus Turkish Airlines. Akıncı indicated that when he was a mayor, he put into practice bi-communal infrastructure project with the Greek Cypriot side and he established brother city relations with Ankara during the same period. “The love of motherland is in our hearts and its emotional meaning is great. It comes from history and cultural ties”.

Stating that Varosha is an area which was left to the snakes for 40 years and surrounded with wires, Akıncı said “I proposed to negotiate the issue of Varosha. Closed Varosha can be opened to settlement under the supervision of UN. Of course, there are lots of works to do there. Direct trade over Gazimağusa port can be actualized so Turkish Cypriot products can enter into European market like the Greek Cypriot products. A package which envisages direct flights to Ercan airport can be discussed. This is my proposal. I propose this in parallel to a comprehensive settlement. A delegation composed of technical experts can be formed and studies can start there. Maybe, 80 % of buildings will be destroyed. Planning should be done as soon as possible. Gazimağusa port should be examined. EU should help to make Varosha a European port.

Mentioning the issue of natural gas explored in the Mediterranean, Akıncı said that the sovereign attitude of Greek Cypriot side followed until today must be ended, adding that it must be thought how to share this wealth in the future instead of being in conflict.

Furthermore, Akıncı underlined that in a federal solution, natural resources will belong to federal authority, and natural gas is one of them and should be discussed.

Expressing that transfer of natural gas to the European market over Turkey will be a right choice, Akıncı said that in case of an agreement, natural gas will be connected with the gas from Israel and will be transferred to Europe over Turkey and Greece.

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