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Stating that the solution on the island is important for the region and the EU, President Akıncı said, “as a Turkish Cypriot leader I would like to cooperate with all the European Union countries.“

Responding to the questions of Amrita Cheema at a morning news program on Deutsche Welle channel in Germany, Akıncı said that although the majority of the Turkish Cypriots gave a YES vote to the 2004 Annan Plan for the solution of the Cyprus problem, they were not accepted into the EU but the Greek Cypriots which overwhelmingly rejected the plan were unilaterally accepted into the EU.

Referring to the negotiation process, Akıncı said that serious progress had been made on 4 of the 6 chapters and even though some problems still remained, the issue of territory and guarantees will be discussed at the end of the process.

Noting that alongside the physical division, there is also a division on mentality of the societies, Akıncı said that the mental division between the two societies on the island is not easy to overcome in a short time. Akıncı emphasized that the Greek Cypriots have some understanding that they are the sole rulers of the whole island and that understanding should be changed. Akıncı added that the Greek Cypriots have to accept that they must share the administration which is not easy for them to accept.

Upon a question regarding his expectations from the visit to Berlin, Akıncı expressed his beliefs that a solution to be found on the island will be a good example for the turbulent region, and will also contribute for the development of the relations not only between the Turkish and Greek Cypriots but also the relations among Turkey-Greece and Turkey-EU.

Furthermore, stating that the EU declared they are ready to provide support for the solution, Akıncı expressed that he is pleased with the invitation of the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier in this context.

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