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Independent candidate Mustafa Akıncı who won the Presidential elections addressed the people at İnönü Square last night. In his speech, Akıncı thanked the people for their contributions to this process of democracy and expressed that a new process has started with new hopes. “We are turning a new page. It should not be forgotten that I will also be the President of supporters of Eroğlu. I wish Eroğlu health, peace and success in his future life. If Mehmet Ali Talat or Eroglu want to consult with me, I am ready because this country belongs to all of us, the future of the country interests all of us” President Akıncı said. Underlining that he would stand behind his words he expressed during the election campaign, Akıncı said that it should be very well known that he will follow a solution-oriented policy supported by confidence building measures. Adding that Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades called and congratulated him, President Akıncı said that he will meet with Anastasiades at the first opportunity because this country has not any other patience to lose time.

Furthermore, Akıncı said that the UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor on Cyprus Espen Barth Eide called and congratulated him and he added that he wants to meet and discuss the way to be followed with Eide who will arrive in the island on May 4.  Akıncı also said that he conveyed to Eide that he is ready with goodwill to make cooperation with the UN because they will need UN’s contribution in their studies for a solution. Stating that they will conduct the negotiation process to reach a solution agreed by the two sides, Akıncı said that they will try to understand the other side’s approach by developing empathy.

Akıncı also indicated that a lot of pain was experienced on these territories in the past. Stating that Turkish Cypriots suffered more in 1950-1960’s but Greek Cypriots also suffered in 1974, Akıncı said “It is time to relieve our pains. Former generations experienced pains so next generations should experience blessings and beauties of the island. “Stressing that the Varosha issue, trade from Mağusa Port and direct flights from Ercan Airport should be discussed as a package at the negotiation table, Akıncı said that he will discuss these issues with his collocutor. Adding that they will not forget a comprehensive solution supported by confidence building measures, Akıncı said that they will spend efforts to reshape the future of the island. Criticizing that sometimes he is being accused as an enemy of Turkey, Akıncı mentioned the relation that he wants to establish with Turkey and said “We will be neither in conflict nor submissive but reconciliatory. It is beside the point to be in conflict with Turkey.

In addition, Akıncı said “I knew the importance of Turkey for the Turkish Cypriots. Turkish Cypriots should be the owner of their own institutions and manage them well not in a partisan way. We will be the master of our home.”Akıncı stated that he will keep his promise for being an objective and independent president in his duty. Expressing that he will treat all parties equally, Akıncı said that he will do whatever is necessary to make the rule of law valid in the country. Adding that olive branch which was used in his campaign is a symbol of peace, production and taking root in these territories, Akıncı said that he would be follower of these symbols and the future of the island will be shaped with the people whatever the language, religion, color, origin, political view is. At the end of his speech, Akıncı thanked his family for their support.

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