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In his speech during one of his receptions President Mustafa Akıncı mentioned that they have requested support from the European Union for the producers in here. Akıncı said: “It was possible to give 35 million Euros to Greek producers. Our producers also need the same thing. They are in need of help and time. Thereby, there will be a transition period in this regard. The important thing is that we should know and be prepared for this. Of course we have talked this issue with EU and we will continue to talk, I have requested this support from them on your behalf, and on behalf of our producers, we expect their support in this regard”.

Stating that they made an agreement on 16th of July, during the visit of the President of European Commission to the island Akıncı expressed that they hoped this will be concluded within six months.  Akıncı stated that the producers will do their part and an international company will supervise hellim production in both South and North. Akıncı also said that after the registration of the hellim is confirmed, the government and the EU have duties regarding support to the producers. President Mustafa Akıncı said: “Hellim, can only be produced in the whole of Cyprus under the name of hellim and halloumi. This is a very important development”. Expressing that he is also sensitive on the government problems, Akıncı said: “Yes, our main topic is Cyprus, while striving for a positive result in negotiations, life is going on. Problems of our animal breeders also remain in agenda”.

In his speech during the reception of the Turkish Cypriot Animal Producers and Breeders Association yesterday President Mustafa Akıncı drew attention that milk and hellim issues are current and important.  Mustafa Akıncı stated in his speech: “25 percent of our exports is hellim, so we are talking about an extremely important issue”.

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