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President Mustafa Akıncı said that solution to the Cyprus problem will open a lot of doors, will solve many things that seems unresolvable but and he added that an effort should be made for ensuring some things without delaying them to after a solution.

President Akıncı attended the Eastern Mediterranean Yacht Rally (EMRY) ‘opening night’ previous evening at Karpaz Gate Marina.

At the evening which Emry and Caretta Caretta rally participants attended, President Akıncı made a speech and said that beauties can start with dreams, and told that when he was a Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism in 1999-2001 ,yacht rally dream was also shared with him. Akıncı expressed the pleasure of a dream which came true despite the difficulties.

Akıncı also stated that he has a dream about walking around the walls of Nicosia without interruption since he was the mayor and compared his dream with the yacht rally dream that can be realized as an activity that surrounds all Cyprus.

President said he will evaluate the message he received from there, within the framework of confidence-building measures.

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