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All Cyprus Trade Unions Forum indicated that they want to take part in the process that will shape the working environment in the constituent states after an agreement.

The Forum which is composed of some Turkish and Greek Cypriot trade unions, prepared some suggestions and requests on how the working life should be in a Federal Cyprus.

Suggestions and requests under seven headings are as follows:

“Right to choose work and organization throughout the island in case of a solution; monotype  employment rules; single social security; implementation of a system for determining wages and salaries; prohibition of discrimination due to the ethnic origin, religion, race, gender or sexual orientation; health and education services; occupational health and safety.”

During the press conference, which was organized at the center of the Pan Cyprian Federation of Labor (PEO) in South Cyprus, the authorities indicated that they intend to transmit their suggestions and requests to the Turkish and Greek Cypriot leaders preferably in a meeting with the leaders.

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