Turkish Cypriot Evkaf Administration signed a protocol  with United Nations Development Programme-Partnership for the Future (UNDP-PFF) for the restoration of the Apostolos Andreas Monastery

The restoration project which costs 5 million Euros will be realized under the supervision of UNDP-PFF, according to the study carried out by Greece University of Patras and under the rules determined by Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage.

Speaking at the signing ceremony UNDP-PFF representative Tiziana Zennaro said that they were glad to be part of such a project and they would continue to embrace cultural heritage of Cyprus in cooperation.

For his part, Turkish Cypriot Evkaf Administration Director İbrahim Benter stated that they were glad to be a part of restoration of Apostolos Andreas Monastery which was a part of Cypriot culture and it was Evkaf Administration’s tradition to embrace such projects. Benter also added that Evkaf Administration has been protecting cultural heritage since the Ottoman times.

It was also reported that another agreement regarding the restoration of Apostolos Andreas Monastery was signed between UNDP-PFF and the Church of Cyprus.

According to the Greek Cypriot press, Greek Cypriot Archbishop Hristostomos II. who was also present at the signing ceremony, expressed his appreciation.