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The Turkish Deputy Prime Minister and Government Spokesperson Bülent Arınç said:  “Tsipras does not behave different from us. When a new government is established in Turkey and the new Prime Minister takes office, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is the first country to be visited traditionally”.

Arınç made statements following the Council of Ministers and said:

“When Tsipras assumed office as the Prime Minister, he visited South Cyprus and made some statements. We are on the negotiating table. We are determined to reach a solution. For this reason, we do not need to make comments for the statements made with regard to the internal policy. There are Turkish people living in the island. They have their own parliament, government and sovereignty rights. There is an opinion that the people living in the island have rights in all resources in the island.”

Arınc said that according to the international and the national law, it is the Turkish Republic’s right to make explorations in the island with her own vessel and continued: “There is criticism against this, even the Greek Cypriot side left the negotiation table for this reason and declared it. We do not believe that all of these will destroy the relations between Turkey and Greece. Both Turkish Cypriot and Turkish governments desire a solution and help the starting of a new process in order to find a solution based on the realities in the island.

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