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Turkish Cypriot businessman Asil Nadir who was extradited to Turkey from imprisonment in Britain, returned to the TRNC on Saturday morning (23rd April), following his release.

In his statement to the reporters, Nadir said: “Of course we will have contributions in honour of the struggle of the country, in the struggle to become a country. I have missed all of you so much. Everything will be very nice.”

The UK Justice Ministry accepted Asil Nadir’s demand to serve rest of his imprisonment in Turkey and returned him to Turkey. Nadir was released yesterday evening with the decision of the court in İstanbul, based on the conditional discharge and suspension law.

The extradition of Asil Nadir, Turkish Cypriot businessman and the Chairman of Board of Directors of the Kıbrıs Media Group, who had been jailed in the UK since 2012 occurred as the result of a long diplomatic process carried on between Turkey and the UK.

“THE BACKGROUND: Asil Nadir was born 1 May 1941 and is a Turkish Cypriot former businessman, who was chief executive of Polly Peck, which he took over as a small textile company, expanding it during the 1980s to become one of the United Kingdom’s top 100 FTSE-listed companies, with interests in consumer electronics, fruit distribution and packaging. In 1990, the business collapsed following an orchestrated campaign by the Sunday Times, a spurious raid on the Nadir family trust company, South Audley Management and a well-publicized raid on the offices of Polly Peck by the Serious Fraud Office, and charges were brought against Asil Nadir on 70 counts of false accounting and theft, which he denied. Nadir went on trial in 1992.

Convinced that he was not going to get a fair trial because, he felt, that the SFO would not investigate his defence properly, together with unfounded bribery and corruption charges relating to the trial judge, Mr Justice Tucker and the confiscation of his defence papers, first by the SFO and then the trustees in bankruptcy, Asil Nadir, whose bail had lapsed, left the United Kingdom on Bank Holiday Monday, 3 May 1993, and flew to the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus.

From 1993 until 2010 Nadir lived in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, but he returned, voluntarily, to the jurisdiction of the English Courts on Thursday 26th August 2010. His trial commenced at the Old Bailey on 3 September 2010, on 13 specimen charges of false accounting and theft totalling £34m. He was found guilty of 10 counts of theft totalling £29m and on 23 August 2012 was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment with 5 years suspended. Nadir has always claimed that the charges against him were rigged and that the SFO tried to frame him, abused its powers and doctored evidence, making any fair trial impossible.

Since his conviction Asil Nadir was held in the Category A jail, Belmarsh, South East London, but on May 2, 2014 an article, called ‘Project Babylon and the still smoking Iraqi supergun′, written by Andrew Rosthorn, appeared in Tribune Magazine. The publication of this article appeared to put the upper echelons of Her Majesty’s Government in a state of panic, for Asil Nadir was moved to the Category C Prison Highpoint South (formerly called Highpoint prison), located in the village of Stradishall (near Newmarket) in Suffolk, England, the next day and where he currently resides.

DOCUMENTS PROVE NADIR WAS FRAMED: This website shows that vital evidence was suppressed by the British government in both the Nadir trials, using ‘Public Interest Immunity Certificates’ (PIICs) to hide unwelcome facts from the defence. Those documents – many of which are featured on this website for the first time – are a damning indictment of the way that the British justice system operates behind the scenes to protect Whitehall and politicians through the misuse of Public Interest Immunity Certificates: over 30 in the Nadir case alone.

SUPPRESSING THE TRUTH: The documents on the website also show that the Prosecution rigged the first trial back in 1991, even fabricating claims that the trial judge had been bribed.

CIA CONFIRMATION: The most damning document is a leaked secret internal CIA report from 1991. The report confirms that a network of illegal gun running companies was set up by Bill Casey, Head of the CIA. The CIA Report itemises widespread official corruption and illegal UK and US government activity. When the story of corrupt arms sales leaked to the press, the companies were bankrupted or closed down to try and hide the truth. Along with Matrix Churchill and others, Asil Nadir, whose Polly Peck International business empire was deliberately ruined by the British government with the loss of £2 billion, was just one of the victims of the Arms to Iraq scandal.”

GUNS, LIES AND SPIES: The CIA document is highly embarrassing for the British government. It proves that Nadir was framed by British and American intelligence agencies in a government campaign of dirty tricks, lies, the jailing of innocent men, and even murder, to cover up the fact that UK and US governments had been secretly selling illegal arms to Saddam Hussein, using Asil Nadir’s companies among many others. It identifies one Stephan Kock as an undercover SIS (‘MI6’) agent charged with manipulating the media and arranging arrests on trumped up charges. It also reveals evidence of the Thatcher Conservative government lying and covering up at the highest levels in Parliament. Well-known politicians and senior businessmen made illicit fortunes from the sale of illegal arms with the Thatcher Cabinet’s full knowledge and approval.

POLICE SPIES CONFESS: According to the sworn testimony of two undercover police spies, they were blackmailed and ordered to frame the tycoon by London’s Serious Fraud Office, acting in collusion with the Metropolitan Police. Other suppressed documents, revealed on this Web Site for the first time, show that MI5 agents were trying to frame and ruin Nadir.

REPATRIATION TO TURKEY: Since his conviction Nadir has consistently been refused to serve his sentence in Turkey by the Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain and Secretary of State for Justice, Chris Grayling and his successor Michael Gove, even though Nadir has fulfilled all the criteria to make this happen.

To understand the extraordinary lengths Her Majesty’s Government has gone to ensure Nadir’s conviction and keep him in jail, one needs to consider a deeper political motive that stretches back decades.

The documents suppressed by the Government clearly show that Asil Nadir’s trials in 1992 and 2012 were rigged. They also reveal a reckless disregard for the law and raise questions about the secret activities of Britain’s ‘deep state’, that only a FREE MEDIA can now get to the bottom of.


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