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Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Sunat Atun said that a new vision and perspective need to be developed to improve trade with North Cyprus. Indicating that increasing the capacity of the economy in the country would be possible only with the expansion of production areas Atun said that development can be achieved with an increase in demand. Atun also pointed out that they should be in search for foreign markets to ensure the increase in demand. Atun stated that equal weight should be given to trade with Turkey, South Cyprus and third countries in the quest for foreign markets. Atun noted that a commercial area should be considered on the basis of reciprocity in terms of import and export with South Cyprus.  Atun said that, gains in trade can only be reciprocal and not be sustainable unilaterally. Indicating that the Green Line Regulation cannot serve its purpose therefore, a new perspective and a new vision is needed to improve trade between North and South. Atun said that it is necessary to design a new model and submit this to the European Council.

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