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The decision of the EU Support office which is related to Emek Construction due to the project of Magusa sewage and drinking water, is brought to the agenda again after the bad sewage odor in Magusa.

Turkish Cypriot Contractors Association which is closely interested in the issue called the authorities of the government, which keep their silences for a year against the developments, to stand by Emek Construction against the noncompliant attitude of the EU.

President of Turkish Cypriot Contractors Association Cafer Gürcafer, said: “As a result, in the case of the implementation of decisions of DAB, we think that the authorities of EU Support Office serving in TRNC violate the law in order to evade their personal responsibilities and we consider that our evaluations are confirmed by EU authorities.

Following the decision, we started the mediation initiatives and within this framework we had a series of meetings with the EU authorities. Although Emek Construction which is our member make concessions from her rights confirmed by international arbitration, no agreement is reached” (Kıbrıs Postası)

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