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Stating that the water project could also create opportunity for peace especially for Cyprus and for the region, Beşparmak Think Tank Group said that the statements of the Greek Cypriot side undermine this optimism.

In the written statement made by Beşparmak Think Tank Group it was defended that the statements of the Greek Cypriot authorities related to the water, are reflecting bigotry, dominancy and lack of vision. “Giving the name of ‘peace water’ to the project is a reflection of the good intention, determination and trust of the Turkish side to the peace. Continuing the usual negative attitudes of the Greek Cypriot side neither benefit themselves nor the peace in the region and in Cyprus” said in the statement.

Noting that similar opinions with the Greek side were also expressed by some quarters in the TRNC, Beşparmak Think Tank Group said it was followed with sadness.

Pointing out that every issue should be considered objectively, Beşparmak Think Tank Group expressed the followings:

“The management of water brought from Turkey should be resolved urgently and these projects need to be implemented as soon as possible. Good management of water can reduce distrust in politics.”

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