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Spokesman of Turkish Foreign Ministry Tanju Bilgiç evaluated the statements regarding resumption of negotiations in Cyprus. In his statement, Bilgiç said “TRNC and Turkey maintain their determination for a permanent solution in Cyprus. Greek Cypriot side left the negotiation table by making the studies of the Turkish Cypriot side an excuse. In fact, this is an indication of insincerity. However, if a comprehensive solution is reached in Cyprus, the issue of natural resources can be solved. Turkish Cypriot side is continuing to maintain their determination and political will to continue negotiations within the framework of joint statement dated on 11 February 2014 but only Turkish Cypriot side’s will is not enough to find a solution. We expect the Greek Cypriot side to end their unilateral activities immediately and return to the negotiation table. Turkey always supports the TRNC in every field and will continue to support in the future”.

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