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Mentioning the statement of the Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades about not allowing the opening of new chapters if Turkey does not recognize South Cyprus, Bozkır said, “Recognition of South Cyprus is beside the point just to open a chapter”

Speaking to NTV, Bozkır said that South Cyprus will be responsible if the package becomes invalid which contains the proposal of Turkey’s visa-free travel to EU countries. Bozkır said: “We did not agree on moving the points to EU negotiations which are essential for conclusion of the negotiations in Cyprus. Solution of the Cyprus problem can be discussed due to our 10 years determined attitude. At this point, recognition of South Cyprus is beside the point just to open a chapter. EU has a responsibility at that point. We are confronted with a worldwide problem. Important steps should be taken to solve this problem. While the important steps had been taken related to this, it should not be allowed to destroy this structure just because of the ‘caprice ‘of an EU member country. The EU administration should convince the Greek Cypriot side so if this package becomes invalid, responsibility will be on South Cyprus’s shoulders.” (NTV)

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