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Presidential Spokesperson Barış Burcu stated that the leader of the Greek Cypriot administration Nikos Anastasiades’ effort to include Turkish as “among the official languages of the EU” is “a well-intentioned step.”

In his speech to Anadolu Agency, Burcu stated that Anastasiades brought up the issue at the recent leaders’ summit and he said, “‘The Republic of Cyprus’ in which we were also the partner in 1960, Turkish was one of the official languages”.

Burcu said: “Turkish will be one of the official languages of the prospective united federation, if we come to any agreement.”

Burcu also described Anastasiades’ initiative regarding Turkish to be among the official languages of the EU as ‘a late step’ and he also said that when the Republic of Cyprus became an EU Member, an agreement should have been reached and Turkish should have been an official EU language.

At the end of his speech Burcu said that the Turkish language will be one of the official EU languages and this will provide great convenience in the institutional sense

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