Interview Ozdil Nami

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Deutschland ist ein Experte für Wiedervereinigungen

Berlin kann uns helfen, das Zypern-Problem endlich zu lösen. Ein Gastbeitrag des Außenministers der Türkischen Republik Nordzypern Deutschland hat stolz den 25. Jahrestag seiner hart erkämpften Wiedervereinigung gefeiert – aber es sollte nicht vergessen, dass noch ein anderes Land mitten in Europa geteilt ist: Zypern ist seit mehr als einem halben Jahrhundert geteilt. Zwar nicht [...]
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Cyprus peace talks to resume in May: TRNC Minister

Anadolu Agency
Ozdil Nami: ‘No matter what happened in the region, Turkish side did not give up on extended peace negotiations.’ Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Foreign Minister said on Thursday that peace talks with the Greek Cypriot administration will resume in May [...]
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Talking Turkey about global solidarity

EU Reporter
By Mass Mboup
Özdil Nami is a busy man. On the back of a round of visits to Gulf States, the Foreign Minister of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, was earlier this month in Brussels for three days of meetings with various officials [...]
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Mideast violence, refugee crisis take a toll on Northern Cyprus

By Abhishek G Bhaya
Trade and interdependence among Middle Eastern nations may make people less prone to fighting: Foreign Minister Ozdil Nami. While Lebanon and Turkey are often cited as nations hosting the maximum number of Syrian refugees from the ongoing civil war there, followed by Jordan, Iraq and Egypt in that order; the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus [...]
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“We welcome more investments in our tourism sector” says Ozdil Nami

Qatar Tribune
By Ramy Salama
The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (also known as TRNC or Northern Cyprus) would like to deepen its commercial, cultural and social ties with Qatar for mutual benefit, which would also contribute to reducing the country’s relative isolation and support its people’s efforts for self-determination, according to the country’s Foreign Minister Ozdil Nami [...]