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In his interview to Greek Cypriot daily Politis, Chairman of Turkish Cypriot Football Federation Hasan Sertoğlu mentioned the developments experienced in the field of sports in the TRNC recently and expressed his views about the agreement reached with Cyprus Football Federation (KOP) in South Cyprus last year.

Sertoğlu indicated that they could not meet with KOP authorities for a long time due to the scandal football match in the South Cyprus.

Stating what kind of developments will be experienced if the agreement is put into force, Sertoğlu said that Greek Cypriot politicians still have influence on football in the South Cyprus but it is not same in the Turkish Cypriot side where the public opinion is more powerful than the politicians.

Furthermore, Sertoğlu said that according to at least 10 sources from the Greek Cypriot community, Church is trying to make pressure directly to Kutsokumnis on the issue.

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