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Chairman of Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM) Cemil Çiçek stated that the steps to use the resources in Eastern Mediterranean unilaterally creates a new security problem. Çiçek said to president of European Parliament Martin Schulz: “Our expectations are first of all the removal of isolations and we expect you to spend an encouraging effort towards Greek Cypriots for negotiations. We look forward to a more fair and objective approach.” Çiçek met with Schulz in Ankara and indicated that despite the fact that more than 50 years passed Cyprus Problem hasn’t been solved, and said that this situation has a negative impact on Turkey-EU relations as well.”

Emphasizing neither Turkey nor TRNC is responsible for not solving the problem, Çiçek said: “Turkey and TRNC has supported the referendum of 2004, it was Greek Cypriot side who didn’t supported it, despite this Cyprus was taken into the EU and this made the problem insolvable. We hope they will return to the negotiating table again”

Recalling that although promising in 2004, EU hasn’t removed the isolations, Çiçek said “because of isolations, North Cyprus have turned into a half-open prison. Those who said ‘no’ to peace are being rewarded, and the ones who said ‘yes’ are being punished. This crooked situation should be eliminated as soon as possible”.

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