Foreign Minister Emine Çolak stated that going beyond the parameters mentioned in the joint text which was signed on 11 February 2014 is out of question and said that the leaders and the negotiators had discussed about how to formulate these parameters. In her speech during one of her receptions Foreign Minister Çolak said that the negotiations proceed quickly but this is not actually surprising because of the negotiation chapters had been discussed before.

Çolak stated that it has been worked for an appropriate solution for the needs and precisions of both sides and asked to be careful about the intentional distortions related to the process.

Minister Çolak explained that it is being tried to reach a settlement on guarantees so that both communities feel safe, and moved according to the law and the EU principles on sensitive issues such as property.

Çolak explained that the EU policies protect the rights of the persons who have the property deeds in the relevant period as well as the rights of the users. Global exchange has fallen off the agenda long time ago, but each topic was discussed in their own mechanisms such as compensation, exchange and return.

Çolak stated that there is false news about the EU’s role in the process and added that, the EU is not a party at the table but the EU provides technical assistance only. Çolak mentioned that there are sensitive points in sharing information related to the negotiations and said that there are drawbacks in sharing the details of the ongoing negotiation process.

Minister Çolak stated that it is true that the problems in sharing information are increasing speculations and creating materials to malevolent persons but beside our need and right for information, it is vital for us that our negotiator has a strong hand in the process. Let us be more patient and understanding, she said.