Foreign Minister Emine Çolak visited Washington following her contacts in New York within the framework of 70th UN General Assembly,

During her first day of contacts in Washington, Minister Çolak met with White House and U.S. State Department officials, to whom she conveyed information regarding the latest developments of the Cyprus problem and negotiation process, and exchanged views on the matter.

Foreign Minister Çolak also met with US Senator Roger Wicker, as well as various media organs based in Washington.

Furthermore, Minister Çolak attended a dinner hosted by Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Washington H.E. Mr. Serdar Kılıç.

On her second day of contacts in Washington, Foreign Minister Çolak participated in a round-table discussion at the Centre for American Progress think-tank. Consultants from the U.S. Congress, representatives of prominent think-tanks in Washington, policymakers and media representatives also attended the meeting. During her speech at the meeting, Çolak conveyed information on the recent developments of the Cyprus issue and the ongoing negotiation process.

In her speech Minister Çolak stated that the negotiations are at a significant turning point and that a pro-solution government is present in the North, adding that with the election of President Akıncı, a new window of opportunity has emerged. Çolak also stated that within the context of the Joint Declaration of 11 February 2014, structured meetings are continuing in a very positive and constructive atmosphere in a result-oriented manner and stressed that the sides have substantially agreed on the issues of governance, legislative and the judiciary and have made progress on the issues of the European Union and economy.  

Çolak pointed out the necessity to secure the bi-communal and bi-zonal structure of a comprehensive settlement within the European Union Law and commented on the property issue, which is one of the most important chapters currently being discussed at the table, by underlining the importance of formulas which would not jeopardize the socio-economic structures of both sides in the Island. Minister Çolak added that it is observed that the international community has started to work towards creating financial resources to fund a solution. 

During her speech Minister Çolak also touched upon the issue of Confidence Building Measures which are undertaken in parallel with the negotiations, stating that the realization of these measures are of crucial importance and that the Turkish Cypriot side remains committed to reach a comprehensive settlement. Çolak underlined that a solution to be reached on the Island would also contribute to peace and stability in the region and would pave the way to creating an atmosphere of cooperation on the energy reserves in the region.