Foreign Minister Emine Çolak stated that it is a shame of humanity to judge juvenile delinquents and keep them in the same prison with adult criminals.

At the opening ceremony of 2015-2016 Academic Year of Girne American University (GAU) Minister Çolak made a presentation entitled   “Human Rights and Children” and emphasized the importance of human rights worldwide.

Çolak indicated that the UN exhibits serious consideration towards human rights and added that the UN declaration issued in 1944 was a milestone.

Stating that the UN declaration is valued and practiced in the TRNC, Çolak said despite its non-recognition TRNC implements the UN human rights declaration.

Indicating that all civilians are treated equally regardless of their race, language, religion and gender and that they can seek their rights, Çolak also gave information about the UN declaration and how it is practiced in the TRNC.

Indicating that the issues like human trafficking and prostitution need to be considered seriously, Çolak said that children rights are also important and wished that students study these issues during the academic year and that the results would be useful.