Speaking in the panel entitled ” Sustainable Transportation and Mobility in the European Union and in the Turkish Cypriot Community”, within the framework of  the European Commission’s “European Mobility Week” activities, Foreign Minister Emine Çolak said that the process which started for the full accession of Cyprus as a whole to the EU, is progressing well and encourage hope for everybody.

Minister Çolak stated that undertaking the EU requirements as tasks and taking advantages of the EU is also a part of the job. Çolak indicated that ensuring compliance to the EU is not possible only by amendment of the laws however it can be possible by internalizing the EU rules.

Foreign Minister Emine Çolak said that transportation is important in many areas of life and the efficiency of transportation influences the commercial life, the quality of daily life, the environment, and the understanding and aesthetic of urbanism.

Stating that such activities which aim at increasing the sensitivity to the EU are part of the aim to the EU harmonization, Çolak added that the EU harmonization is not only amending the laws but also internalizing the rules of the EU and to understand the standards of the EU.

Mentioning that adopting the philosophy and understanding of the EU is an urgent need, Çolak stated that the “EU harmonization group” is established and the works are continuing towards this direction.