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Actor Daniel Craig, who was appointed as the UN Global Advocate for the Elimination of Mines and Explosive Hazards paid his first visit to Cyprus and he said “I hope I will be the first and last Global Advocate to see landmines on this beautiful island”.

Craig became familiar with the widespread existence of mines while filming movies in Cambodia. “For these peacekeepers to take their expertise, gleaned over the last 40 years in Cambodia, and make it available to the people of Cyprus, half-way around the world, is truly inspiring,” he said.

In the statement, it is said that over the last decade UN de-miners have removed over 27,000 landmines from the UN buffer zone in Cyprus. A total of 74 minefields comprising of 9.7 square kilometres of land have been cleared throughout the buffer zone. The cleared areas can now be used for agriculture. Today it is estimated that thousands of landmines still exist in Cyprus.

“The fact that the UN Global Advocate chose to come to Cyprus for his first mission, at a time when de-mining demonstrates positive momentum in the peace process, is significant. His visit draws attention to the UN’s long-expressed goal of achieving a mine-free Cyprus for all,” said Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of Mission Lisa Buttenheim.

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