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Speaking at the General Council of the Republican Assembly, Prime Minister Ömer Kalyoncu said that while establishing the government, they considered to share the same opinion with their coalition partner UBP regarding the water management but now they see that they do not share the same opinion on the issue, and their meetings are continuing to overcome the problem. Expressing that the party policies are determined at party organizations, Kalyoncu said that as a result of bargaining, the result has occurred and it is being discussed at the party assembly.

Adding that the economic protocol with Turkey has not been signed yet but a great part of the protocol is ready, Kalyoncu said that they are also aware of the problems of the producers and when the 13th Salary is paid, the farmers will also be paid. Kalyoncu stressed that the problems regarding the water issue have not been solved and the economic protocol has not been signed yet.

Moreover, 2nd President and CTP-BG Leader Mehmet Ali Talat said that their aim is to be the party which makes the water flow and for the Turkish Cypriots to use the water and increase their prosperity.

Speaking to Channel Sim, Talat said “CTP struggled before and this country needs the CTP. Success is not strengthening the party but to solve the issue according to the decisions of the party.”

In his statement to Kıbrıs Postası, The Minister of Economy, Industry and Trade Sunat Atun said that they don’t have any concerns on the issue of water, adding that the stance of UBP has been clear since 2010.

Adding that the meeting of the Mayors of UBP at the Ministry of Transportation was a general assessment not related to the CTP meeting held the day before, Atun said as an answer to a question that he does not think that water issue will affect the government.

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