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President of Grand National Assembly of Turkey Cemil Çiçek explained President of Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) Saber Chowdhury that while Greek Cypriot side has been represented on behalf of whole island at the international organizations,  Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is isolated although it pursues peace and has put forth its will in 2004.

Çiçek received President of Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) Saber Chowdhury and his delegation. At the meeting  Çiçek stated that there are two problems before UN, one of them is Palestine – Israel and the other is Cyprus problem. Çiçek said “Despite our sincere efforts and desire, peace is not otained because of  the Greek Cypriot sides’ uncompromising attitude”. Reminding that TRNC  exists in the European Council as an observer member and it participates in the Parliamentary Assembly of Organization of Islamic Cooperation as an observer member, Çiçek said “I ask  you to invite President of the TRNC Assembly to the meetings of IPU. This is injustice, the one who wants peace is punished. The ones who puts obstacles in front of  peace  are causing unjust results.”

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