1. All public personnel working in the public sector except for the police force, fire department, health, civil aviation, finance and similar services will be under administrative leave until 27/03/2020.

2. All shops, businesses, casinos, night clubs, bet offices, entertainment centres etc. will be closed until 27/03/2020, excluding those businesses that provide for basic needs such as pharmacies, gas stations, bakeries and supermarkets.

3. It is inevitable that due to these two measures a large number of our citizens will stay at home and will not need to go out. However, as the Government, we call on people not to go out unless it is absolutely necessary. In light of the developments within the next 48 hours, our Council of Ministers will evaluate whether or not to issue a partial or full curfew under Article 156.

4. As of 02:00 AM on 14/03/2020 until 01/04/2020, only TRNC citizens and persons with legal residency can enter the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus from land, air, and seaports. This ban will remain in force on persons not falling within these two categories until 01/04/2020.

5. Regardless of which country our citizens and persons with legal residency may have entered our country from; they will be monitored and checked at their homes where they will isolate themselves for 14 days. Under the Communicable Diseases Law No. 45/2018, legal action will be taken against those who do not comply with this rule.

6. A decision has been made to prohibit all gatherings that will take place at associations, unions and locales as well as collective worship between 14/03/2020 and 01/04/2020.

7. Famagusta State Hospital has been designated as quarantine hospital, and efforts have been intensified to employ sufficient personnel, provide adequate equipment and increase bed capacity as well as all kinds of facilities at this hospital.