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Turkish Minister for the EU Affairs Beril Dedeoğlu who is making contacts in Brussels said “Negotiations are continuing in Cyprus. We are meeting with different commissioners to discuss which chapters can be more important when the negotiations end, what kind of preparations should be made for these issues.  We are also informing them about our preparations. We have some chapters which can be opened today. Only the political will is needed for this. The Cyprus negotiations are proceeding in a very positive way and that’s why I think the next year will be a very busy year.”

Dedeoğlu also stated that some countries demanded opening of some chapters and he thinks that the European Commission will not oppose the removal of some blockades, adding that Turkey’s progressing report which is expected to be published has not been on the agenda of the meetings.

During her visit to Turkey on Sunday, Prime Minister of Germany Angela Merkel said “Germany is ready this year to open the 17th Chapter. There are some issues which should be discussed regarding preparations for the opening of the 23rd. and 24th Chapters.

Furthermore, Greek Cypriot Foreign Minister Ioaanis Kasulides stated that their reasons for blocking the 23rd. and 24th Chapters are still valid.


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