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Democrat Party National Forces (DP-UG) Leader Serdar Denktaş stated that the aim of the Greek Cypriot side is to extinguish the treaties of Alliance and Guarantee.

Mentioning that the Greek Cypriot side is making propaganda to show the existence of the Turkish military as a threat, Denktaş said: “The Greek Cypriot side see the Turkish military as a threat. However, they could not say even a single act which threaten them since 1974 because they know that the existence of the Turkish military in the island is not a threat. They only make propaganda”.

Denktaş stressed that there will be a new fighting and chaos in the island in case of extinguishing 1959 Treaty of Alliance and Guarantee.

Serdar Denktaş also made a call to the negotiating team and said “There is no text yet. If Turkey’s full and effective guarantee is extinguished, our rights, political equality and equal sovereignty are not taken into consideration, Turkish Cypriot people should say and will say “no” for such an agreement”.

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