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Democratic Party National Forces (DP-UG) leader Serdar Denktaş stated that the statement of President Akıncı made the previous day for the Federation of Journalists in Turkey and Cyprus Turkish Journalists Association, shows that “not only the public but also the representatives of two societies are not reading the same book”.  Denktaş stated that although President Akıncı mentioned that Turkey’s guarantee is important and this system will not be renewed without Turkey’s approval, the Greek Cypriot leader Anastasiades is talking about a solution target without the guarantee of the external forces.  In his written statement Denktaş indicated that while the President mentioned “a new Cyprus”, Anastasiades defends “to change the shape of the Republic of Cyprus.”  Despite President Akıncı talking about equality and freedom, Denktas stated that Anastasiades is in a different approach to this issue. “So they are not reading the same book,” he said.

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