We celebrate the establishment of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the foremost symbol of the right to self-governance and self-determination of the Turkish Cypriot people. Our struggle to preserve our identity and live with dignity as a people on this island dates back to the foundation of our State, where much has been sacrificed over time towards this end.

Although we may not yet have reached the desired level of economic and social development in TRNC, this will not discourage us from our struggle, but will rather motivate us to work even harder. Despite the attempts to isolate the Turkish Cypriot people from the rest of the world due to the unjust approach of the international community, the Turkish Cypriot people will continue determinedly on the path towards becoming a part of the international system. TRNC which upholds and shares contemporary values and is open to high-level cooperation between its institutions and various actors of the international community in order to fight such problems as terrorism, money laundering and human trafficking, will continue to act in this manner.

If the Turkish Cypriot people govern their institutions well and uphold their own State, this will have a vital effect on the security, stability and tranquility of the Island, as well as the overall Eastern Mediterranean region. It is our joint responsibility to carry the TRNC, a democratic, secular State where the rule of law prevails, to even better days.

I take this opportunity to commemorate everyone who contributed to the success of our struggle for existence as a People on this island as well as those who are no longer among us, particularly our martyrs, and to once again congratulate whole-heartedly our People on the occasion of the Anniversary of the Establishment of our Republic.